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Helps individuals with family history and family genealogy research. Provides useful genealogy research tools, searchable free genealogy databases and genealogy software resources for the genealogist researching family history.

Family Genealogy and History Internet Education Directory -

Professional, worldwide humanities and social sciences mega portal, connected directly to numerously related sub-sets, with billions of primary or secondary database family history and genealogy records.

Genealogy Geneology -

Genealogy search engines help with research of your family trees, famiy names, discovering ancestry and family history. Search and find your surnames and your geneology pedigree world-wide.

GenealogyInTime -

A popular online genealogy magazine with useful search engines, the latest genealogy records, in-depth articles and other helpful resources.

The Carey Genealogy Hub -

The interactive source for free Carey genealogy information. Post and edit your genealogy request or browse a database of ancestors.